Community Bookstore

143 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215


Every day: Open for browsing!
10 am to 6 pm

Terrace Books

242 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215


Open for browsing!

11am to 6pm

Two Neighborhood Bookstores

Since it opened in 1971, Community Bookstore has been many things to many people. A bookstore, yes, but also a gathering place and a welcoming refuge. Community Bookstore is notable for a considered selection of new books, for our garden, and for our animals (one cat and one turtle, at present).

In 2013, we took over another neighborhood bookshop, renamed it Terrace Books, and stocked it with a mix of new, collectible and curated used books. But no cat. Community Bookstore’s Tiny, so famous he’s on the cover of a bestseller in Japan, refuses to share the spotlight!

- Stephanie, Ezra and the Staff


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