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Have you ever wondered why you believe in things that deep-down you know aren't real? Or expect miracles to happen that never do? Or secretly want to kill someone because they disagree with you? You have? Well good for you; at least you're thinking about it. Most people just accept these things as normal, but then most people have been infected by a behavior virus - the Yahweh God-Allah virus The Yahweh God-Allah virus has been manipulating people for about a million years so far, and has infected some seriously influential people who unwittingly spread it far and wide - people like Sharmah-the-stinky, King Sargon of Akkad, Abraham and Moses, Jesus and Saul (not the Jesus you're thinking of by the way), Muhammad and Luther, and even Charles Darwin. Then there's Otto Rohwedder the confused optician who invented sliced bread and inadvertently created the standard by which all good ideas are measured. And of course your mum and dad who almost certainly passed the YGA virus on to you, as you will to your kids, maybe. But beware the YGA virus; it's a clever little thing because it is rooted in something that is undeniably true. It also makes us feel good saying and doing the things it convinces us to say and do; so good in fact that we don't want to admit we've got it. This is the story of how the YGA virus was born and grew so powerful, and how it tries to trick us into believing we can't live without it.

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ISBN: 9780980344585
ISBN-10: 0980344581
Publisher: Blencowe Books
Publication Date: December 16th, 2015
Pages: 212
Language: English