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"Who gets hit next in this crazy game of killers for hire?" Rappers are showing too much disrespect for women these days. When an R&B legend's daughter is raped at a Death Row video shoot, she takes matters into her own hands and declares war on gangster rap. The head of the Pan-Hellenic Council hand picks: Be'oncay Knolls: The Texas diva, singing sensation with dreams of making it big; an expert marksman and equally as deadly with a microphone as she is with a sniper rifle. Meagan Goodwin: The California beauty, talented actress, skilled in martial arts, who is just as lethal on the stock market as she is in the art of killing. Dr. Lisa Lesley: The certified genius in the operating room and on the basket ball court, who developed a top secret formula that will change the world for women and children. Karen "Super Head" Stephins: Motown's finest; a ruthless schemer, gifted in the skill of male manipulation. Nobody knows the New York underground like the Queen of the streets who loves to play head games and break the hearts of her victims. The beautiful but deadly team of assassins are given covert assignments that send them on search and destroy missions from Las Vegas, New York, Hollywood, Houston, Detroit, and Atlanta to track down and eliminate Hip Hop's most notorious gangster rappers. The murders are changing the face of the industry. The war between East Coast and West Coast pales in comparison to this incredible conspiracy to take out rappers across the nation. Outcast, degraded, disrespected, and underappreciated, the sisters of the Pan-Hellenic Council hold all the secrets to who is killing Hip Hop's biggest stars. The world may never find the right man, because sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.

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ISBN: 9780984045617
ISBN-10: 0984045619
Publisher: Universal Publishing LLC
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2011
Pages: 324
Language: English