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Winner of the 2017 Prix Goncourt - France's highest literary honor - this recit/autofiction reads like a novel but reveals a historian's keen eye and sweeping scope. Recounting the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany through two specific days, Vuillard shows how the small, everyday decisions of power-hungry and unscrupulous people slowly turn into catastrophe.  A subtly socialist history with surprising heat and heart underneath the dry tone, this is my antidote to the spate of hastily-throw-together books that question how we got to here, politically. 

— Helen


Winner of the 2017 Prix Goncourt, this eye-opening account of the muddled forces at work behind the Anschluss brilliantly dismantles the myth of a glorious and inevitable Nazi victory.

February 20, 1933: On an unremarkable day during a harsh Berlin winter, a meeting of twenty-four German captains of industry and senior Nazi dignitaries is being held in secret in the plush lounges of the Reichstag. They are there to "stump up" funding for the accession to power of the National Socialist Party and its fearsome Chancellor. This inaugural scene sets the tone of consent which will lead to the worst possible repercussions.

March 12, 1938: The annexation of Austria is on the agenda and a grotesque day ensues that is intended to make history: the newsreels capture for eternity a motorized army, a terrible, inexorable power. But behind Goebbels's splendid propaganda, it is an ersatz Blitzkrieg which unfolds, the Panzers breaking down en mass on the roads of Austria. The true behind-the-scenes story of the Anschluss--a patchwork of minor shows of strength and fine words, a string of fevered telephone calls and vulgar threats--reveals a starkly different picture: it is no longer strength of character or the determination of a people that wins the day, but rather a combination of intimidation and bluff.

With this vivid, compelling history, ric Vuillard warns against the perils of willfully blind acquiescence, and offers a crucial reminder that, ultimately, the worst is not inescapable.

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ISBN: 9781543690385
ISBN-10: 1543690386
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: September 25th, 2018
Language: English