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In the World Enormous is a collection of poems engaged in transition, conversation and what falls between.  They focus on a period that begins shortly before the death of Tomer Inbar’s mother and ends after the birth of his twin daughters. In this, the poems constitute a way of thinking out of and about passing and starting again, taking things in their energy, rhythm and moment, including in words with their simultaneously infinite, immediate intimacy and enormity. They have a plangent, even restless, form, with Inbar tellingly indeterminate regarding the direction in which we read and connect and so being open to their engagement from bottom up or top down, moving this way and that, forward and back—though all in one piece. Thought as assemblage seems to sway to subtleties of moment as a momentum that defines a space and way to move through, as presence comes together to inscribe sense, experience or idea. Inbar writes, “These poems like their movement.  I like how these poems move.  Apart from the definitional, I find comfort in being present as things move.  With sibilance.  On their own volition. Taking the qualities of their construction along.” More perhaps than this, these poems seem to compel us to think an impossible thought.

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Born in Jerusalem and raised in Brooklyn, Tomer Inbar studied writing at Binghamton University and has an MA in Classical Japanese Literature from Cornell University and law degrees from New York University. He founded and edited Camellia, an experimental literary journal (1989-97), and has published translations of Saibara, a genre of Japanese folk song formalized in the Heian period. Inbar currently is an attorney at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, representing charities and other nonprofit organizations, and lives in Park Slope.

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ISBN: 9781581771732
ISBN-10: 1581771738
Publisher: Barrytown/Station Hill Press, Inc.
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2018
Pages: 60
Language: English