Post Pandemic Perspective: Positive Projections for the New Normal in the Aftermath of COVID-19 Cover Image
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The COVID-19 coronavirus was unanticipated, unwelcome, and unsettling in its far-reaching destruction of life, lifestyles, and the U.S. economy. Its fallout presented Americans with an untimely pause in our busy days, giving us time to contemplate fear of the unseen and unknown. The pandemic would pass, but when? How would it change the United States and, indeed, the world around us? What careers were impacted? What markets were challenged? What will the added debt, both personal and national, portend to the average consumer in the future? When will we again gather together in confidence?Post Pandemic Perspective attempts to answer these and other important questions that will impact the future of every American. Through meticulous research, W. Thomas McQueeney has scoped out the landscape over the next hill and categorized the major concerns facing us, striving to find the light at the end of the tunnel. He writes with a positive sense of purpose in order to reassure those who have made it through this epic event that it is still possible to thrive.The post-pandemic reality presents a new beginning that will depend upon the difficult lessons we all learned during our days of hardship. The fact is, our perspectives have been broadened by the experience. We will now demand better ways in all avenues of living-because better ways do exist, in the realms of culture, hygiene, education, religion, government, medicine, finance, and interpersonal relationships. It's true, no joyful birth escapes pain. But while we sadly lament what has happened, we should also be confident in our transition to the exciting world that awaits us ahead.

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ISBN: 9781641118903
ISBN-10: 1641118903
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing Group
Publication Date: May 7th, 2020
Pages: 116
Language: English