Deadly Phine: A Tale of Urban Terror By King Darrell Cover Image
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Ripped from the headlines stories detailing the horrendous nocturnal activities of sexual predators from St.Louis's infamous "Bossman" "McGhee" and New York's Nushawn Williams to the disturbing YouTube viral video rantings of the self proclaimed "Trashman". The threat of an HIV Positive Individual purposely infecting scores of unsuspecting women is unfortunately a very real and present danger in our modern society.

Enter Lucien Valentino... Pimp... Hustler... Killer. All these descrive the dark traits of this ultra suave and stunningly handsome ladies' man who easily manipulates any female gullible enough to fall for his smooth talk, irresistible looks and hood rich lifestyle. However she does so at her own risk; for the womanizing Valentino is a carrier of HIV5X, a highly aggressive and drug resistant strain of the disease that quickly mutates into full blown AIDS within a few months after transmission.

Behind Valentino's reign of terror lies a secretive government plot to drastically reduce America's black population starting with residents of the nation's inner cities. The AIDS stricken hustler agrees to spread the killer virus throughout the hood in exchange for big money and group, "ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD" whose operation inner city virus greatly depends on the boss playa's cooperation and persuasive swagger for its ultimate success. "DON" Lucen Valentino is on the prowl and no nightclub, cabaret. or single's bar is immune from his sinister intentions for he is and will forever be... Deadly Phine

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ISBN: 9781733221399
ISBN-10: 1733221395
Publisher: KJ Publications
Publication Date: April 28th, 2020
Pages: 222
Language: English