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A battle between Froggit Froggins and discarded rubbish as he searches for his dreamy dream pond.

This story with its quirky characters and delightful illustrations will appeal to 2 to 6 year olds. It will encourage them to think about how they can protect the environment and the animals in it It explores issues of plastic waste, recycling and conservation, and comes with useful questions for parents and teachers to discuss with their children. Other themes explored are friendship, sharing and working together as a team. It's a conservation classic Synopsis

Froggit Froggins dreams of finding his Dreamy, Dream Pond. He is bored with his pond as there are no

comfortable lily pads to sit on, or moths, etc, to eat as the HUMAN'S have been there. So he sets off in search

of his dreamy, dream pond. He thinks he has found it, and wants to keep it for himself. He sees an unusual lily

pad and a beautiful flower but doesn't realise that it is really an old onion bag and a sheet of bubble wrap.

Betty the Badger wants to play, but Froggit says no. As Forggit plays he doesn't notice that he is getting caught

up in the onion bag. Gus, a water vole, hears his cries for help and goes to help him, but he also gets tangled

up in the bag. Degsey, a duckling, tries to help but also gets caught up in the onion bag. The more they wriggle

and jiggle, the more they get tangled in the onion bag. Florrie, a dragonfly, flies by and sees what's happening,

but she thinks she is too small to help. However, when she sees that Froggit, Gus and Degsey are sinking, she

brings Betty the badger to help. Betty uses her sharp teeth bite through the strings of the onion bag and frees

Froggit, Gus and Degsey. Florrie says that she has a surprise and tells them "now you're free follow me".

The final page shows Froggit Froggins lying on a lily pad. Beside the pond there is a sign showing that he is now

in the Paradise Conservation Park. Betty, Degsey, Gus and Florrie are gathered around an illustrated map on the

sign that shows that he is now in the Dreamy Dream pond of his dreams.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781838175221
ISBN-10: 1838175229
Publisher: Pigeon Scratch Productions
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 36
Language: English