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Stanton Barrett is launching a children's book series through Waldorf Publishing which includes an interactive children's web site: When first launched in 2006 it had over 20,000 subscribers within the first 4 weeks.

The ever-adorable, incredibly unique, adventurous white and green amphibian, Snowfrog is turning another year older, and he is ready to celebrate in style Can you guess what is on top of his birthday wish list? Snowfrog has his mind set on red boots and a shiny new pair of snow skis Visions of flying high, racing fast and jumping from the highest hill fill Snowfrog's dreams at night. Oh boy, he could almost taste the snow hitting his wide grin. But first, he and his daddy must get ready for the big birthday celebration party.

Snowfrog invites his best friends Lemon-bee, Carsten the bug, and Lilo the snail, over to share in his favorite flies-pie. As he holds his breath, thinks up a wish, and blows out the candles, Snowfrog is ready for the big moment--the moment he will officially have his dream skis. Does Snowfrog's birthday wish come true? Will he be high-flying over the slopes or does Snowfrog have another surprise waiting? Come along as our favorite frog celebrates in Snowfrog Birthday Adventures.

About the Author

Stanton Barrett is a famed NASCAR driver, is known for his starts over the last twenty-eight years in the Sprint Cup Series, XFinity Series, Indy Car Series has turned his numerous talents onto the literary world. Stanton has crafted the adorable children's book series, Snowfrog. Stanton is best known for his incredible stunt work, directing commercials and 2nd unit directing, and most recently known as a film director and producer. Over the last twenty-five years, Stanton has worked on more than two hundred motion pictures and television productions.Snowfrog is slated to grace the hood of Stanton's NASCAR once the series is released. Stanton, son of legendary stuntman Stan Barrett who went on to become the first man in history to break the speed of sound on land in the Budweiser Rocket Car. Hal Nedham a mentor and close friend to Stanton not only owned the Rocket Car his father piloted but has been an influential pillar in Stanton's movie career, along with Mickey Gilbert and his father Stan. Growing up with successful second generation stuntmen/directors like Scotty Waugh are the industry's brightest action directors. Stanton is an innovator of business and has created Bar Code Entertainment and Bar Code Media specializing in action commercials, film productions and advanced film equipment.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781945173608
ISBN-10: 1945173602
Publisher: Waldorf Publishing
Publication Date: August 1st, 2018
Pages: 32
Language: English
Series: Snow Frog