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It's William de Wolfe's (The Wolfe) eldest grandchild and namesake, William "Will" de Wolfe in an unconventional romance that is going to break your heart... and then put the pieces back together again. Welcome to the greatest de Wolfe Pack generation

William "Will" de Wolfe has the weight of the entire de Wolfe empire weighing on him. Perfection is key. Living up to the grandfather he was named for has been something he's had to deal with his entire life. But Will is strong, noble, true, and powerful... everything a man named William de Wolfe should be. Except he's living through a personal tragedy no man should have to live through.

Will was very young when he married his wife, Lily de Lohr. As the great-granddaughter of Christopher de Lohr, the marriage forever linked the Houses of de Wolfe and de Lohr. The children born of the marriage are considered to have some of the finest bloodlines in England. But tragedy strikes when pregnant Lily is diagnosed with a terminal illness. And she wants to pick her husband's next wife.

More than that, she wants him to fall in love with her.

When his dying wife plays matchmaker, how successful can the relationship be between Will and Adria de Geld, the daughter of a de Lohr ally? Lily is determined that Adria should replace her in Will's heart and in his bed, something Adria is reluctant to do but she cannot help but feel the attraction to the handsome, tortured knight. She soon finds out that his torment is not only because of his dying wife, but because of a terrible secret that Lily hides. Will only found out by accident and it is that, more than anything, tearing him to pieces. A terrible secret that could tear apart two of England's greatest families.

Can Adria and Will's love take flight in spite of the dire circumstances? Or will Will's torment overshadow a truly gifted, intelligent, and beautiful woman who has managed to fall in love with him?

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ISBN: 9781956003055
ISBN-10: 1956003053
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: September 16th, 2021
Pages: 368
Language: English