CBH: Lincoln’s Lie: Lessons from the Civil War on Fake News and its Consequences

October 27, 2020, 7:00 PM

Think fake news is a recent problem, a distinctive characteristic of our modern times? Think again.

In her new book, investigative journalist Elizabeth Mitchell explores a pivotal moment in the history of the intersection between politics and the press. Lincoln’s Lie: A True Civil War Caper Through Fake News, Wall Street, and the White House, examines how, at the height of the Civil War, a falsified call for the conscription of more troops sent shockwaves through New York. From fears of more draft riots, to chaos on Wall Street, to the fallout from Lincoln’s actions against the newspapers that spread the proclamation, Mitchell touches on a history of misinformation that is more relevant with each passing day. She is joined in conversation by author Kurt Andersen, host and co-creator of the erstwhile Peabody award-winning public radio program Studio 360.

This is a Center for Brooklyn History event, with books provided by Community Bookstore.

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