David Burr Gerrard in conversation with Maxwell Neely-Cohen

July 18, 2017, 7:00 PM

Community Bookstore
143 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215

In David Burr Gerrard’s new novel, The Epiphany Machine, everyone else knows the truth about you, now you can know it, too. That's the slogan. The product: a junky contraption that tattoos personalized revelations on its users' forearms. One small group of city dwellers buy into the cult of the epiphany machine and find that its stigma follows them on a move upstate. Naturally there’s a dark secret to it all--an undeniable pattern between specific epiphanies and violent crimes. In this sprawling, snarling tragicomedy about accountability in contemporary America, the greatest danger may be that the epiphany machine is right about us all.

David Burr Gerrard received an MFA in fiction writing from Columbia University, and his work has appeared in The AwlThe LA Review of BooksThe MillionsThe Barnes and Noble ReviewFull StopSpecterExtract(s), and other publications. His first novel, Short Century, was published by Rare Bird Books. He teaches fiction writing at Manhattanville College and the Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop.