Neapolitan Chronicles with Ann Goldstein and Jenny McPhee

March 13, 2018, 7:00 PM

Community Bookstore
143 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Join us as Ann Goldstein and Jenny McPhee, translators of Neapolitan Chronicles, celebrate the publication of Anna Maria Ortese's classic work.

A riveting classic of European literature, this superb collection of fiction and reportage is set in Italy's perhaps most vibrant and turbulent metropolis―Naples―in the immediate aftermath of World War Two. These writings helped inspire Elena Ferrante's best-selling novels and she has expressed deep admiration for the author of this volume, originally edited in Italian by Italo Calvino. Goyaesque in its depiction of widespread suffering and brutal desperation that plagued the city, it comprises a mix of masterful storytelling and piercing journalism. This book, with its unforgettable portrait of Naples high and low, is also a stunning literary companion to the great neorealist films of Vittorio de Sica and Roberto Rossellini. Neapolitan Chronicles is exquisitely rendered in English by Ann Goldstein and Jenny McPhee, two of the leading translators working from Italian today.

“As for Naples, today I feel drawn above all by Anna Maria Ortese ... If I managed again to write about this city, I would try to craft a text that explores the direction indicated there.”
Elena Ferrante in Frantumaglia: A Writer's Journey