Sunday Storytime! Hannah Stark, "Trucker and Train"

March 15, 2020, 11:00 AM

143 7th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Join us for Sunday Storytime, with milk and cookies and Hannah Stark, author of "Trucker and Train" and more!

Kindness and friendship triumph over bullying in this action-packed story that's perfect for every vehicle-obsessed little one.

Trucker, the big rig, loves to rule the road with his size, strength, and mighty horn. The other vehicles swerve and shake as Trucker blasts past, expecting them to follow along in awe. Then Trucker meets the louder, stronger, and kinder Train. He sees how the other vehicles gleam and swoon when Train is around. And he wonders, Why don't they ever gleam at me?

Trucker just wants Train to go away . . . until a broken railroad crossing signal changes everything. Can Trucker use his size and strength for the good of his fellow vehicles before it's too late?

Hannah Stark is an author and elementary school teacher in New York City. She loves making and sharing resources for other educators and teaching kids to write.  She was inspired to write her debut book, TRUCKER AND TRAIN, while playing with her son.  When not writing or teaching, Hannah can be found taking road trips and train rides to unfamiliar places.