Wolf Wilder

By Katherine Rundell

Our favorite middle-grade book of the year (and one of our favorite novels, period) speaks for itself: "Wolves, like children, are not born to lead calm lives." Read this wild, irresistible tale. You will not be sorry.



The Keepers: The Box and the Dragonfly

By Ted Sanders

In this perfectly paced novel, two children find themselves bound to fascinating objects and a bitter, generations-old rivalry. Plentiful wonders and a villain most terrible spin magic all the way through.



The Marvels

By Brian Selznick

A shimmering wonder of a book and a story half in drawing, half in words, haunted by family ghosts, sailors, actors, and at least one really great dog.





The Pushcart War

By Jean Merrill

One of the New York City-est books ever written, now in paperback from our beloved friends at NYRB, The Pushcart War demands, pea shooter in hand, to be read aloud.




By Noelle Stevenson

A blackhearted-ish villain, a golden-haired-ish hero, and a shapeshifting wonder engage in battles of wit, rescue, and love in this teen graphic novel. Three enthusiastic cheers for beautiful, sly Nimona!