We were getting compliments on our old website up to the day we switched to this new one. We, too, loved our old site. It was fun, quirky and brimming with personality. But it was also just plain old: unwieldy, barely functional, and difficult to update. Its animations were delightful but they featured dogs, lizards, booksellers, and decor that are long gone. Crucially, it also operated on a platform many generations removed from the technological present.

We have been the same bookstore for 44 years, especially in our devotion to community, to literature, and to the sensory pleasures of engaging with books in a warm, welcoming and well-stocked brick and mortar store. In many other ways we have been changing continuously. The old website reflected a store from an earlier era; the new site will allow us to keep pace as both we and technology continue to evolve.

We can sell books online, both new and collectible. Our staff of discerning, voracious readers can easily write about the  gems they’ve uncovered. We can keep our ever-growing events roster up to date, and, when the event requires a ticket or rsvp, do all that online. There’s lots more to this new site but, in short, it should make life easier for our staff and our customers. And, we promise, it will be devoid of neither humor nor personality.