April 15, 2020
By communitybookstore

What does this mean?

- We are selling books through our website 

- $3 flat-fee Media Mail shipping within the United States (takes 7-14 days)

- UPS is the fastest option (4-8 days)

- Orders come from our supplier warehouse

- In-store pickup is not available


May 9, 2019
By jaffe.samuel

Many weighty tomes have been written about early 20th-century Eastern Europe — its wars, revolutions, ethnic conflicts — but Isaac Babel catalogs these inexhaustible histories in a few short pages. His compact stories, which capture the essence of a vast array of characters and settings, always give me vertigo. We see a similar vertigo effect take hold of Isaac Babel’s grandson, Andrei Malaev-Babel, in David Novack’s documentary Finding Babel. The film chronicles Malaev-Babel’s search for traces of his grandfather’s life, from his upbringing in Odessa, to his stint with the...

January 21, 2016
By ezra

It is a fault of booksellers everywhere, I think, to feel like the proud parents of books we have championed, even though we are only the merchandisers and not the creators. I am especially guilty in this regard, so at first I took umbrage when I received a note from a friend in Virginia thanking me for turning him on to Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels, but then adding, “If I have a small complaint, it is that her prose doesn't create envy in me. I rarely pause to admire an...

December 3, 2015
By communitybookstore

Wolf Wilder

By Katherine Rundell

Our favorite middle-grade book of the year (and one of our favorite novels, period) speaks for itself: "Wolves, like children, are not born to lead calm lives." Read this wild, irresistible tale. You will not be sorry.