Murmr Lit: Lili Reinhart presents "Swimming Lessons," with Cleo Wade

September 30, 2020, 7:30 PM

Murmrr Lit is proud to welcome Lili Reinhart for the release of her debut poetry collection, Swimming Lessons, in conversation with Cleo Wade. Each purchase will also receive a signed bookplate shipped separately.

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Lili's trademark honesty, optimism, and unique perspective are evident in her first poetry collection, Swimming Lessons. 

Swimming Lessons explores the euphoric beginnings of young love, battling anxiety and depression in the face of fame, and the inevitable heartbreak that stems from passion. Relatable yet deeply intimate, provocative yet comforting, bite-sized yet profound, Lili's poems reflect her trademark honesty and unique perspective.

Accompanied by striking and evocative illustrations, Swimming Lessons reveals the depths of female experience, and is the work of a storyteller who is coming into her own.

"She's a breath of fresh air...showing every one of her millions of fans that it's OK to be who you are. In fact, it's the only way."- ASOS

LILI REINHART is an actor and advocate for mental health awareness. Swimming Lessons is her first collection of poetry.

CLEO WADE is a friend, community builder, and the author of the bestselling books, Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life and Where to Begin: A small book your power to create big change. She has been called the poet of her generation by Time Magazine and one of the 100 most creative people in business by Fast Company. Cleo sits on the board of The Lower East Side Girls Club, the National Black Theatre in Harlem, the Women's Prison Association. When Cleo is not at home in California with her partner, Simon Kinberg, and their daughter, Memphis, she can be found traveling around the country on her sold-out book tours, which have become a safe space to laugh, cry, hug, and offer support to fellow readers.