Murmrr Lit: Pam Grossman presents "Waking the Witch," with Rachel True

October 8, 2020, 7:30 PM

Murmrr Lit is proud to present Pam Grossman for the paperback release of her new book, Waking the Witch, in conversation with Rachel True. This event will take place on Zoom. 

From the podcast host of The Witch Wave and practicing witch Pam Grossman—who Vulture has dubbed the “Terry Gross of witches”—comes an exploration of the world’s fascination with witches, why they have intrigued us for centuries and why they’re more relevant now than ever.

When you think of a witch, what do you picture? Pointy black hat, maybe a broomstick. But witches in various guises have been with us for millennia. In Waking the Witch, Pam Grossman explores the impact of the world’s most magical icon. From the idea of the femme fatale in league with the devil to the bewitching pop culture archetypes in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Harry Potter; from the spooky ladies in fairy tales to the rise of contemporary witchcraft, witches reflect the power and potential of women.

Part cultural analysis, part memoir, Waking the Witch traces the author’s own journey on the path to witchcraft, and how this has helped her find self-empowerment and purpose. It celebrates witches past, present, and future, and reveals the critical role they have played—and will continue to play—in the world as we know it.

Pam Grossman is the creator and host of The Witch Wave podcast. She is co-founder of the Occult Humanities Conference at NYU, and her art exhibitions and magical projects have been featured in The New York TimesArtforum, and the New Yorker. Her writing has appeared in such outlets as The New York Times, The Atlantic, Ms. Magazine, and HuffPost. For her work as the Director of Visual Trends at Getty Images, she was chosen as one of Adweek’s Creative 100 and Marie Claire’s “20 Women Changing The Ratio.” She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and feline familiar. You can find her at, on her Phantasmaphile blog, and as @Phantasmaphile on Twitter and Instagram.    

Rachel True is an actress who has appeared in numerous films, including The Craft, about a coven of young witches, and the lead on the TV show Half & Half. She is also the author of the upcoming book and deck, True Heart Intuitive Tarot and a lifelong tarot practitioner. Rachel lives in Los Angeles with her two Siamese cats.